Streamlined Alternative Marketplace

Would you really like to sell your house and either upsize or downsize, but don’t see very many options on the market right now, and don’t want to sell your home and not have a place to go?

You are not alone in that feeling. I hear it every day. How extensive does this problem go? What if the owner of the perfect house for you was in the same boat as you, wanting to sell their home, but not wanting to risk not being able to find a home when their home sells.  What if your house was exactly what they were looking for, and their house was exactly what you were looking for?

Well, I have the solution! We call it the Streamlined Alternative Marketplace, or SAM for short! This service will allow you to list your home off the conventional market/MLS. We will only expose your home to people in the same situation as you are, current home owners who would sell if the right opportunity presented itself.

Imagine, you could make an offer without feeling rushed by the caravan of buyers flocking to every new listing that comes out on the market and could sell your house without the headaches of a million showings.

When the right house for you reveals itself, you could agree to terms with the Seller, giving them the ability to make an offer on the open or Alternative market. At any time after you find a house, and the Seller is ready to proceed, we could always list your home on the open market, and likely get an offer within a day or two.

If you are in this situation, and are wanting to upsize, downsize, move out of that HOA or condo, onto a home with some land, or out of a home with some land, and into an HOA or condo, please get in touch with us to schedule your personal consultation to decide if listing your home on our Streamlined Alternative Marketplace is right for you.